Today Google announced that they would be entering the e-book market with their service, Google Editions. This would put them in direct competition with Amazon and Sony, among others. Reading this, I began to think about all the other “markets” that Google has entered (and now dominate).

It wasn’t so long ago that Google acquired YouTube and gained the largest foothold in Web 2.0 videos. And then there’s Picassa, Google’s photo uploading service. Or when they opened up Google Docs, putting themselves between the user and Microsoft. Their mail service, Gmail, has been around for quite some time and is still growing, taking a huge bite out of Hotmail’s market share. Most recently, the Google browser, Chrome, started chewing away at Mozilla Firefox’s user base. Google’s very latest, Buzz, didn’t turn out quite so well (a jab at Twitter), but that doesn’t mean they didn’t try and aren’t still working on it.

I could probably go on for awhile in this thread, picking out all of Google’s services and features, but I think you get the picture. And you’ll notice that I haven’t even mentioned the original search feature that started it all. Many of you probably also know about Google’s censorship issues in China, and now the Cloud giant is taking aim at politics and policies. How long will it be before Google becomes the Internet?

My youth was spent familiarizing myself with computers and technology. I watched as Microsoft rose from the simplicity of Windows to become a technological powerhouse. Likewise, Apple has followed much the same path and is starting to take over the role of technology leader. But Google, well Google almost seems like some gigantic blob that is just assimilating everything in its path. It sees something it likes and it goes after it with an insatiable, ravenous hunger.

What frightens me the most is how much we all depend on Google to provide us with information and the ability to communicate. It has occurred to me more than once that Google might very well one day take over the world. Have we given Google too much power? Possibly. Have they given us a reason not to do so? Never. Is there anything we can do to stop it? Who knows?