You’re probably wondering why you’re reading this. Or why I’m writing it. There really isn’t much of an answer to that other than to say that this is somewhere I can share my ideas with you, the reader. I often find myself thinking about all sorts of things, ideas that come and go, but which never really end up anywhere. I’d like to begin sharing those with you now.

You’re also probably wondering why the name, Bamboo Sensei. Well that’s a good question. The simplest way of explaining it is to break it down. I was born in Canada, the son of chinese parents, though I don’t necessarily identify as “chinese.” When asked what I am, my first response is Canadian, but in a country of over 34 million citizens, I guess some ‘labeling’ is necessary. Hence the “Bamboo,” but that’s not where this ends. Choosing this particular kind of greenery has several deeper connections. The first is its colour, green. Earlier this year, I was privy to a professional development seminar in which our personalities were typed by colour. According to the Four Colours Personality Test, I am almost completely “green” (as opposed to orange, gold and blue). I could get into the details of what that means, but I’ll save that for another post. The second reason for bamboo is that, as you probably already know, it is incredibly strong and resilient. These are qualities which I think aptly describe qualities of excellent teachers. The third reason is simply that “Chopstick Sensei” was already taken.

As of this very moment, I am just over a week away from completing my teaching degree at the University of Calgary. They call it the Master of Teaching program, or MT program for short. As a master of teaching, the term “Sensei” seemed appropriate. Before I knew it, the Bamboo Sensei was born.

Although I have set the stage for this to be a site dedicated to teaching and my journey therein, I will from time to time post ideas that I find interesting in the most general sense. Sometimes they’ll be nonsensical, and sometimes they’ll be personal, and sometimes they’ll be completely wild. It is my hope that you can take bits and pieces from here and use them as you like, as long as we’re sharing knowledge.

Hopefully you’ll come back and visit me soon, I will do my best to stay current and engaging.


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