Powerpoint is BORING. There, I said it. It’s boring and I hate that it dominates classrooms, boardrooms, and every other kind of room in which you might find it. It’s formulaic, bland, and plain. No matter how many pictures, videos and so-called “stuff” you put into a powerpoint presentation, it’s still powerpoint. And it still sucks. Are there better ways of presenting information? Absolutely! I’d like to introduce you to one such alternative, but first a little context.

In January, I was brought into a class I didn’t know much about. They called “SIPS.” What is SIPS? Good question. SIPS stands for Studies in Pedagogy and Schooling. More specifically, I was enrolled in the SIPS class: Inquiry & Technology Across the Curriculum. In it, we were introduced to a vast array of technological toys to foster inquiry in the classroom (you’ll be hearing more about my SIPS class in the future). One such tool was shown during a showcase, and it wasn’t even the focus of the presentation, it was the medium!

By this point, you’re probably wondering when I’ll finally get around to telling you what that amazing tool is. Well here it is: Prezi. Before I continue, click here and watch the show (navigate by pressing the right arrow button), then come back.

* * *

So, what’d you think? Cool, isn’t it? Now tell me that isn’t a visually stunning way of talking about math. Seriously, MATH (sorry to all my math friends). I hope you’re anxious to make one yourself, I know I was when I first saw it. A small disclaimer, however, I’m not advocating the use of presentations in everything you do, but if you insist on doing one, then PLEASE do your audience a favour and do it dynamically!

Before you head out to start your own prezi’s, you might want to know that there are some pretty handy advantages to using Prezi over Powerpoint. First of all, it is cloud-based, that is to say it runs on the internet and not on your machine. Forgot your machine at home, but need to work on that presentation for class tomorrow? No problem, just head over to the website and pick up where you left off. Second, it is collaborative which means if you’re working in a group they can log in and work on it with you. No more sending .ppt files back and forth. Finally, it fits nicely into Web 2.0. What’s “Web 2.0” you ask? Web 2.0, in short, is the way we describe how the internet has changed to one where users create the content. If you’ve just created a presentation that you think is amazing and worth sharing, just share it on the Showcase and it’ll be available to the world wide web.

Enough of my chatter, go and see for yourself!